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29/12/2009 12:53:42
Re: resignation

One of my staff work until 15th December and after that absent for 3 days and he only submit his resignation letter on 21st December. His notice of resignation is 2 weeks and he serve according to 2 week (ie: 10days working days). My question is :

1. Salary calculate until 31st December and the 3days is under UPL?

Please advice. Thank you!
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KL Siew
29/12/2009 13:37:04
I don't quite understand your question. Anyway, it should be no pay for the days he was absent.
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indira gandhi
30/12/2009 21:19:07
sir/mdm .....i started my work at well establish place on 1st of dec 2009...i had a better offer and my leaving end of the same month that is 31st dec my employer says she has to deduct my salary of a this 1 month i was not asked to sign any contract so i gave 24hrs resignation letter and she also deducts my 3 days sick leave even after i gave her medical leave cert..pls do help me sir...tq
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KL Siew
31/12/2009 09:14:11
You are lucky that she is going to deduct only one week's salary. She can in fact deduct 4 weeks' salary from your pay. You better take whatever and go.
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13/07/2010 11:29:45
Hi, i have a question here.. One of my staff joined 06th February 2010, until today (June 2010)she total taken 8 days MC (Every month 2 days MC). In july 2010, she decided to resigned and given 1 month notice until 13th August 2010. In 07/07/10, she took 2 days MC again.. May I know can we deduct her MC as Unpaid leave.? Since she joined in February 2010 until July 2010 total taken 10 days MC...

Please advice. Thank you very much.!
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