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27/12/2009 15:48:38
Re: Bloody Sucker

Im working in a travel agent in Sabah, just would like to seek for understanding, details below are my working time:

Mon-Sat : 8am-5PM, Sat(Half-day but untill 2pm)
Company policy : No Overtime pay, No Sick leave Urgent Leave, any excuse Leave for the 1st year of service, must come before 8am and leave later than 5pm(Otherwise he will show faces), Need to go out sometimes during Public Holidays or even off day(Sunday) to Airport to meet customers WITHOUT PAY as he claimed that he is stated in the contract.
Wages of salary : RM900 only

Is there a right for me to claim Overtime with my BOSS if the conditions of overtime already stated in my contract?
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KL Siew
27/12/2009 20:51:23
You should be able to enjoy all the benefits under the Sabah Labour Ordinance. I think you better pay a visit to the Sabah Labour Department and complain to the officer there.
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25/04/2011 19:21:13
My shift starts at 6.15am but the management said that we operators all should be at production line at 6.00am for morning briefing and exercise. This practice is been going on for a very long time. There is a committee in my company called JCC which acts on behalf of the employee. We have highlighted this matter even to this JCC committee but they made this issue deaf ear. For the 15 minutes we are not compensated. What can we do to resolve this matter?
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