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23/12/2009 15:12:54
Re: Unpaid Leave

Hi, I am going for matrimonial leave for 2 weeks and I do not wish to use up my annual leave, can I take unpaid leave instead?
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KL Siew
23/12/2009 16:35:20
If your employer allows you to take no pay leave, why not?
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05/05/2011 19:13:00
Hi, recently i had a continous leave for about 8 days. My annual leave balnce were 4 days n another 4 days were unpaid leave working days. Currently, my company decide to penalize staff who took continuos unpaid working leave by adding saturday n sunday in the calculation of deduction staff salary due to unpaid leave. So nw, not that i have 4 working days unpaid leave but my salary will be cut including saturday n sundays n public holiday as well? I would like to knw if this act is legal n can i make a complain to the labor law dept if it is not legal?

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