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23/12/2009 12:26:17
Re: Resignation with offset of annual leave


I had resigned from X company on the 19th Nov 2009. So, my notice period is 2 mths starting from 19th Nov to 18th Dec. As I had 16 annual leave, I used the 16 annual leave to bring forward my last working day to 23rd Nov.

X company did not pay me from 23rd Nov - 18th Dec and still refusing to do. Wish for your advice on labour law regarding this matter.

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23/12/2009 12:27:01
SOrry....I mean my resignation letter is 19th oct.
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KL Siew
23/12/2009 16:40:22
Did you apply to take your balance of annual leave? If you did not do that then I think that was the reason they didn't pay you for that period. Consult the Labour Department if necessary.
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03/12/2018 14:38:23
Dear Sir,

I am under probation period and not the confirmed staff. The company gave me the last working day notice until 31st October 2018 and I have 11 days annual leaves in my leave record.

The company has released my October Salary and the salary calculated until 31st October 2018. However for my 11 days annual leaves' pay, the company noted will release to me by November. However uptodate, they yet to release the 11 days payment to me. I called the company again, they noted will release on next payroll paymet which is December 2018.

My question is does the company has the right to hold my 11 days salary for two months since my last day was 31st October 2018. Besides that anyway I can chase back the 11 days salary as soon as possible.

Regards and thanks.
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