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23/12/2009 12:26:17
Re: Resignation with offset of annual leave


I had resigned from X company on the 19th Nov 2009. So, my notice period is 2 mths starting from 19th Nov to 18th Dec. As I had 16 annual leave, I used the 16 annual leave to bring forward my last working day to 23rd Nov.

X company did not pay me from 23rd Nov - 18th Dec and still refusing to do. Wish for your advice on labour law regarding this matter.

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23/12/2009 12:27:01
SOrry....I mean my resignation letter is 19th oct.
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KL Siew
23/12/2009 16:40:22
Did you apply to take your balance of annual leave? If you did not do that then I think that was the reason they didn't pay you for that period. Consult the Labour Department if necessary.
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