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22/12/2009 22:59:44
Re: Dismissal

I have worked in my current company for 2.5 years. Today my boss gave me a first warning letter becase i took MC yesterday. I refused to sign & told the boss to dismiss me if he wants.The notice period stated in the employment letter is 2 months.
1. Will i get any payment in lieu if the boss decide to dismiss me immediately?
2. Do i get any lay off payment (heard is minimum 15 days for 2-5 years of service )
3. Can the boss give me 2 months notice & ask me to work for 2 months, so that he dont have to pay me anything?
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KL Siew
23/12/2009 08:57:41
What did you boss do after you told him that?

1. If he terminated your service without notice, he has to pay salary in lieu of notice. If you are not happy about it, you can go to the Industrial Relations Department to claim for reinstatement.
2. If you are covered by the Employment Act, you are entitled to the benefits unless you were dismissed because of misconduct.
3. Yes, you have to work throughout the the two months' notice period if he gives you that notice.
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