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16/12/2009 16:05:04
Re: Termination or resignation

I was regret for my action (resign instead of being fired) so far.
For my case, my ex-company decided to terminate (or so-called fire) me for the reason of my performance (I was just confirmed not long ago), but then my ex-manager said its better to resign and will try to compensate for me.
Without any assistance, advise and guideline, I agreed to resign. But with the confirmation letter (i have worked for 7month) written that 1 month notice for resignation, but I have to leave immediately. Does this happen without compensate?
I left the company at the end of November, until now (16Dec09), I still haven't get my salary for the month of November yet. What can I do with the labour law towards this company for my salary, or maybe compensation too? Please advise. Thank you.
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KL Siew
18/12/2009 21:47:02
Since you left immediately that means you resigned without giving any notice and you would have to pay the company one month's salary in lieu of notice. It looks like they may not want to pay you your November salary which they will use it as indemnity.
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Ms Lim
12/02/2010 19:09:48
I would like to understand this case further, can you elaborate what is the meaning of indemnity?

I have an almost similar case with a staff whom has left the company but we paid her 2 months full salary according to her employment contract. Her salary is RM3500. The reason we asked her to leave is because of her poor performance.

Now, she still filed a case against the company. May I know what case she will hold against the company?

Pls advise further
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