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16/12/2009 14:46:25
Re: short notice

The question is mean for operation staff who have to work on PH.

If a staff resigned with one month's notice but he didn't come to work on one of the PH without approval, is he considered short of one day notice?
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KL Siew
16/12/2009 15:18:35
I would not want to jump into that conclusion without knowing the details. Was he given specific instruction to work on that PH and he failed to turn up without valid reasons? If you can prove that, you may be right.
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22/12/2009 11:22:09
Yes, the duty roster shows that he has to work on that PH.
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Francis Koh
11/05/2010 08:00:35
My office set a new ruling for taking leave must apply 1 month in advance is that proper anyone please advise.
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