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Cathie L
16/12/2009 14:35:40
Re: How to calculate UNPAID LEAVE?

Dear sir/madam,

May I know how should one's salary be deducted, if let say a person take 4 days unpaid leave with a salary of RM3000? Shoule be the deduction be a) or b)

a) RM3000/31 x 4 days
b) RM3000/26 x 4 days

Thanking in advance.
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16/12/2009 15:01:29
hi cathie L,
i know the answer,if not mistaken the answer is A ( upl base on month end) means is the month is 30 / 31 u must use it this.
For 26day IS for AL , OT CALCULATION.

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04/02/2010 14:48:53
Dear Mr KL Siew, M82,
on the same subject above, if the calculation is so, divide by 30/31 as deemed fit in any concerned month when the unpaid leave was taken.
What happens if the rest days(sat/sun) are included in those long updaid leave request.
My situation now is they are including it as no pay same as with the Mon-Friday normal working days.
Can they do that?deprive me of my rest days just because those rest days are sandwiched in between the Unpaid leave taken?
Please help advise urgently.

On another matter, what can i do if upon returning from my unpaid leave (taken fr 11th-29thJan 2010) in Feb 2010.My Employer is witholding my Jan2010 pay, which usually is banked in on the 25th of the same month(Jan). I have resume worked as normal but they are still withelding my Jan pay? am i beind unfairly discriminized?what can i do.Pleasae help advise too.
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07/02/2013 13:23:32
dear mr kl siew,

if the staff have an allowance, should i calculate their leave : salary+allowance / 31?

please advise. thanks
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