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15/12/2009 23:33:30
Re: Termination (company is court case)

hi i would like to ask a quesiton, my company having a director issue, so my company bank account is been freeze due to both director having problem and now waiting to court.

my company's customer is 90% gone due to this case and that is no more production for next month.

now, all our worker is waiting company to announce closure and compensation. but seem like the director dont want to do that and draging us. so i would like to ask

1) the salary above rm1.5k, enjoy the same min retrenchment benefit stated in labour law?

2) if the director ask us to cut salary, let say 50%, if we not agree, can he cut?

3) if we stay at company until it close, whether we will get the compensation after court lebong the factory and pay back to us?

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KL Siew
16/12/2009 15:07:01
We don't what will be the action of the company. You can tell only when you received the letter of termination of service. If the company fails to pay your salary as usual, you will have to make complaint to the Labour Department. About your questions:

1. Then the Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits)Regulations is not applicable to you. If you are retrenched without any compensation, you can refer the matter to the Industrial Relations Department.
2. If he cuts, you complain.
3. If the company is now under receivership, all of you better approach the Labour Department for advice.
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