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11/12/2009 18:41:20
Re: Frustrate

I resigned on the 1st this month by given my employer 1 month notice. I'm a the senior sales exec. Since that day, I ve been treated like an outcast in the company. I have even been asked to be the driver to the company's driver!! I'm really angry and frustrated. I still have 4 days of annual leaves and my last day will be on 26th Dec.

My question is....what can my company do if I walk out on them and decided not to return for the remaining 2 weeks?

Please advice. Thanks in advance
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KL Siew
11/12/2009 19:31:22
You may have compensate for the short notice. In you case, you may not get your salary for the days you worked. You don't have to do that I suppose. Anyway, just cheer up, show them you are happy going away with a better job waiting. If you have leave balance apply to take it before you leave.
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