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08/12/2009 21:34:21
Re: Resign


I ve resigned recently and given 1 month notice. But my employer doesnt allow me to go in 1 month time coz the reason given by them is I need to give them 2 months notice in advance as stated in my appoinment letter. I ve checked my appointment letter again and I found this stated in my letter....Upon Confirmation, either party may terminate this contract by giving one (2) months's notice in writing or one (2) month's salary in lieu thereof.

hence, there's been an error in my appoinment letter. my questions is...
a) do I need to follow 2 months notice?
b) or given 1 month notice is good enough?
c) since the letter is not type correctly, is the letter void? can I just walk away from the job anytime?

please advice.

thanks in advance
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KL Siew
09/12/2009 09:07:58
Really ridiculous. To me the "one" in word should the correct one. Consult the Labour Department. But the letter is not void.
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