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08/12/2009 15:15:26
Re: constructive dismissal

Dear Sir,
I had working in this company for 5 years. Last month, in a meeting which attended by all the company's staffs, a personnel from the managment team of the company have implied to all who presented in the meeting that whoever did not wish to work with the company can be excused from this meeting room now and need not to come back here before the said meeting started,

In the said meeting, i was requested to go out from the meeting room by the said personnel once the meeting started and he told me i not need to attend the said meeting.

The meeting was not able to proceed as it was went into a massive argument with the said personnel and other staffs. Later, all the staffs were leave the meeting room together.

After that, I heard from the other staffs that the said personnel announced that whosoever should leave the meeting hall, they will not be allowed to work in the company again.

Then, due to the unfair treated and dissatifaction, I tendered my resignation letter by giving 30 days notice. But the said personnel immediately requested me to stop work by giving a 24 hour notice and informed me that i will able to get my salary that month too.

I feel that i was constructive dismissal.

Kindly advice.

Thank You.
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KL Siew
08/12/2009 15:55:02
Whatever the problems, you should not have tendered your resignation. You better pay a visit to the Industrial Relations Department whether you can go by constructive dismissal. I really do not wish to make any comment.
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