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07/12/2009 12:49:11
Re: Travelling for Work

I am frequently required to travel by bus from Penang to KL to attend meetings. I am not paid overtime or any other form of travel allowance for the time taken to travel to and fro; usually about 5-6 hours (even on Sunday's). I am however, reimbursed for the fare, accommodation and meals.

Q1: Going by the Law, am I entitled to overtime or travel allowances?

Q2: Since I am not paid any form of compensation for the travel time which means that I am technically not at work at that time, will I or my family members be eligible to receive SOCSO benefits in the event of a road mishap while on my trips wherein I am injured, disabled or killed?

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KL Siew
07/12/2009 15:31:08
1. If you are covered by the Employment Act (meaning your salary is not more than RM1500), I think you should be entitled to overtime if the total hours of that day is over 8 hours. If you are not covered, negotiate for some travelling allowance.

2. I think you are still covered by SOCSO since the travelling is for purpose of company's business. Check with SOCSO to make sure.
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10/04/2010 15:45:01
Betui ke lu punya gaji kurang dari RM1,500 sebulan?

Travel only by public bus from Penang to KL?

BTW, my bilik sewa rent is a lot more than your monthly salary.clown
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10/04/2010 15:46:11
Hi people,

I'm looking for an old buddy named Rajendra Prasad from Fiji who used to live here in Malaysia back in the late 80's to early 90's.

He worked in an Australian construction firm and was married to Asha who was, I think a lawyer in Fiji.

He/they may have moved to Australia.

We put away quite a few beers together. :D

Would appreciate it if you would email me at if you have any info.

Thanks. :)
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