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03/12/2009 15:54:26
Re: salary in lieu

Mr.X joined com A as Lorry driver since 10/11/04 but on 18/9/08 he requested to be transfer to associate com B.The company issued letter of trasfered with immediate effect and he need to undergo probation of 3 mths and was cfm his position as trailer driver after that.

He tender a resignation letter without 1 mth notice on 11/11/09.The com asked him to pay 1 mth salary in lieu but he refuse to pay the company because he said he did not given an appointment letter in Com.B. just letter of transfer and confirmation letter.

But he already signed an appointment letter from com.A. In the appointment stated "TRANSFER" clause: your appoint with us is subject to inter-deparmental transfer, or to any of the company;s subsidiaries or associste company at any location.

Is he liable to compensate the company 1 mth salary in lieu?
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KL Siew
03/12/2009 16:42:18
If he did not give the required notice, the company can make a claim against him at the Labour Department.
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