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03/12/2009 14:31:06
Re: public holiday 2010

请问明年的16/09/2010 (Malaysia day )是否已经确定为公共假期呢?谢谢
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KL Siew
03/12/2009 16:37:16
It's too early to tell. Wait for the law to be amended.
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Lee RC
13/12/2009 14:43:24
1) If a staff totally absent more than 10% of a year , is he/she entitle to annual leave? the 10 % absent means 365*10% = 37 days? can i deduct back the already taken annual leave?
2) If Staff send a message to her superior and without phone to her, is this catogory as emergency leave or ....? or sms sfter working hour, is this acceptable?
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