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30/11/2009 18:34:22
Re: Unpaid leave

We wish to seek for your advice on the following circumstances.

Staff A
1. basic salary RM3,000.00
2. as at 30 Sept09 used up all medical leave (14 days) and annual leave (12 days).
3. 8 unpaid leave from 01 Oct till 26 Nov recorded to be deducted in Nov09 pay
4. nov09 salary was calculated as below: -
8 / 21 x RM3,000 = RM1,142.90

Co's practice of calculating for unpaid leave for all staff is by dividing no of working days instead of no. of days for the month.

Is the staff can file a report to labor office that the company did not follow labor act to use no of days for the month?
As it is company's practice, are the company on fault?

Seek for your urgent reply.
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30/11/2009 19:12:56
to add, the calculation (using no of working days) also applies to in calculating those joining in incomplete month.

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KL Siew
01/12/2009 08:42:05
If you feel that you have been paid less than what you should get, you can complain to the Labour Department.
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25/09/2015 15:51:29
Dear Sir,

If i wan deduct the unpaid leave salary , is that basic salary + allowance?

Thank you.
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