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28/11/2009 12:26:24
Re: Public Holiday

As we know, there are 4 compulsory public holidays and one of it is Agong's birthday. Every year Agong's birthday is fall on Saturday which my company is 5 -day work company. My question: is there any replacement public holiday for the said holiday? let say replace to monday ? thanks!
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KL Siew
28/11/2009 13:12:16
There is no replacement. Even Government departments/banks and so on don't get a replacement.
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01/12/2009 12:48:21
just want to ask few question here. kindly please let me know that our normal working hours and it;s includes lunch for exp 9-5.

2. annual leave for management level? how many days?

3. mc how many day for management level?

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KL Siew
01/12/2009 20:09:49
1. The working hours exclude lunch break.
2. There is no law for that. Negotiate for it.
3. Also, negotiate for it. Should try to get a better deal than those in the Employment Act.
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