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25/11/2009 22:34:41
Re: Resignation

Hi Mr. Siew,

I got the same problem here. The thing is I was promoted to a different position in a company. From a senior account clerk to a program coordinator last year August. They only gave me a letter saying I will be promoted and there will be salary adjustment. Nothing mentioned on the new policy and terms. In other words, no new position offer letter. Then the leave entitlement for me is only 16 days. I have been serving that company for more than 5 years. I submitted my resign letter today and they said I need to serve three months notice as program coordinator is an executive level, which was never mentioned in the letter. If so, then I should entitle for at least 18-21 days leave. The reason is they overlook it and they will adjust the leave for me. The thing is because of that, I tender my resignation with one month notice. Or else, I would have tender it two months ago. I got a new job three months back. If I were to leave my company after a month notice, can they bring this case to the labour court? And can I claim all the untaken leave that I have with the company?

Please advise.
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KL Siew
26/11/2009 08:29:50
Since you have already got a new job, carry on with it. Let them claim against you if they so wish. You can argue your case when the time comes.
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26/11/2009 23:40:46
Thanks a lot for your advise.
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