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Alicia Lim
25/11/2009 17:23:51
Re: Overtime Replacement


I am in professional service line and as such, my company gives us time-off in lieu for overtime worked (ie. we can only go on leave to compensate for the overtime worked, with no payment being made)

However, upon resignation, all our entitlement to the time-off in lieu is considered burned and no compensation is made despite our services being rendered already for the overtime work.

Does the company have the right to not compensate us for the overtime?

Thank you in advance for your kind attention.
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KL Siew
25/11/2009 17:52:55
You are most probably not covered by the Employment Act and as such, the law pertaining to overtime under the Act is not applicable to you. So, there is nothing to say the practice of your company is wrong. What you can do is to negotiate for something more agreeable to you.
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Alicia Lim
25/11/2009 18:00:19
Thank you Mr. Siew for your prompt reply.
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