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16/11/2009 14:43:05
Re: Absence from work

Good afternoon.

Would like to enquiry that, if a staff absence from work for 2 consecutive days and failing to inform or attempt to inform the company of the reason, could we terminate her service with the company with immediate effect?

As there's a clause stated on appointment letter saying that : -

"Your service with the company may be terminated at the discretion of the Company if you fail to report for duty for two consecutive working days without any valid reason of notice."

However, refer to the act, it is "MORE THAN 2 consecutive working days".

Therefore, can we refer to the clause stated in appointment letter? FYI, the staff is cover under Employment Act.

Appreciate for your kind advice.

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KL Siew
16/11/2009 17:55:30
That is he is deemed to have broken his contract of service if absent for more than two consecutive working days ...

I think you still can take disciplinary action against the employee for being absent from work without valid reason whether it is for one day or two days. But you have to remember that sacking an employee just because he was absent for two days may be a bit too harsh.
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18/11/2009 09:42:44
Thanks for your reply.

However, do we have the right to terminate her if the explanation given is unacceptable? example: she replied that she did not know what to do after broke up with her boyfriend.

Or we just can issue a warning letter to her?

FYI, she was absent since 30/10/09 till 12/11/09; in between worked on 4/11 - 7/11; on & off "replied" message to colleague (she didn't take initiative to inform us)

Thanks in advance.
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