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16/11/2009 11:01:42
Re: attendance problem..

morning there, want to ask about the attendance problem, it is where my staff always forget to punch card, any action can we take?

we had giv memo that stated will deduct the staff salary if forget to punch card but the staff still ignore the rules. does we have the right to deduct their salary, have it break the rules of EA?

beside that, my staff also addicted to on leave without approval, can we terminate him after 3 times warning letter? does we need to compensate them??

ps, 90% of staff salary is under RM 1500...

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KL Siew
16/11/2009 11:15:24
You mean most of your staff are doing that, forgetting to punch cards or going on leave without approval? If so, there is definitely something very wrong with your admin. If it is only one or two, give him final warning that he will be sacked next time.
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16/11/2009 15:44:15
Dear KL Siew,

I do have the same problem too. if after 3 warning letter, the forth warning letter = final warning letter??
if yes, do we need to give them shown cause letter or can directly sacked them.

ps: 60% of staff above RM1500

Appreciated your advise.. on salary above or below RM1500

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KL Siew
16/11/2009 17:45:58
Don't have to give too many warnings if no concrete action is taken. They would think you are not serious. First, second and final warning will do. If you want to play safe, hold a domestic inquiry before you sack him if he is found guilty.
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09/12/2009 18:17:32
yes, my admin really problem... thus need ur advise.
but the problem is most of my staff is under RM1500 thus if i sack them izit need to compensate them also??
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