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13/11/2009 16:18:12
Re: Probation period termination

Dear Sir,

I'm going to handle a case which involved ex-business dev. manager that didn't up to the par with my Director expectation (still within 6 months probation period from april to oct 2008)! the senario taken place on 31st May 2008.:

1) my CEO did kept all the e-mail replied by him (in poor performance/replied) more than 3 times but not in wriiten warning letter.

2) before termination process taken, CEO conducted a brain-storming session with him and conclued that he is not fit as Manager!

my questions: with all the doc. above, can i alone represent the co. to defend our just cause and excuse without laywer?

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KL Siew
13/11/2009 17:36:49
If you think you are capable of handling the case, why not?
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