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12/11/2009 15:17:20
Re: Salary Grades

i'm a business admin graduates majoring in finance. i have no HR knowledge but for the past 1 year, i have been working as a HR operation Exec. my principle duties is more focusing on recruitment and personnel matters. after being retrenched due to staff redundancy, i was offered a job at this newly set up company where i have to do everything HR and admin related.

my Question is:
1. how do i come out with a salary grades/structure?
2. if one of the directors is currently working with another company, so his salary in this newco is declare as what ? is it retainer fee? does his salary here is subject to statutory also?
3. He contributed to EPF, SOCSO and tax at the other co, so does he need to contribute to those statutory bodies here?

really need some advise.

many thanks.
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KL Siew
12/11/2009 20:53:45
1. For me, I would have to study the needs of the company, the types of staff are required and the salary the company is willing to pay. In these regards, I would have to have close consultations with the MD.

2. Some directors are employees which means they are paid a salary while others are just directors paid a director's fee. If the directors are employees, they will have to contribute to EPF and SOCSO. You better consult EPF and SOCSO for more details.
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