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11/11/2009 12:57:02
Re: change of Notice period

In my company current policy, the notice period for termination for all the employees who below Manager level is 1 month, and employees who above manager level is 3 months.

Therefore, now there is one new department setting up, the department head would like to change the notice period for employee who under this new department from 1 month to 3 months. This is only occupied to this department employee. And the other employees still remain unchanged as 1 month.

And, there are 3 employees who joined before this department head, their notice period is still as 1 month. Therefore, now the department head would like to change these 3 employees' term to 3 months notice.

Would like to know, can this department head change the notice period accordingly? Is this consider double standard in this company policy? Please advice. thanks!
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KL Siew
11/11/2009 13:05:27
Your HR department should be the one to have the say on such matter. You should raise the matter with your HR department.
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Innocent EE
11/11/2009 13:48:47
If the HR agreed to change as per the dept request, what will happen if the impacted employee refuse to sign the new contract? Can the employee refuse to sign?
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11/11/2009 14:10:40
ya... if the HR dept just proceed accordingly. What happen if the impacted employee refuse to sign on this?
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KL Siew
11/11/2009 15:42:31
Of course they can object and refuse to accept the new condition if they are not happy with it although such change will also affect the employer side. If the matter were to turn into a dispute that cannot be amicably settled between parties, the affected party may refer the matter to the Industrial Relations Department for them to look into it.
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11/11/2009 17:11:44
means for this issue, if the employee not satisfy on such arrangement, can report to IR Dept directly right?

thanks alot! :)
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