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10/11/2009 17:15:30
Re: Unpaid Leave on first month of employment

The worker took 2 days unpaid leave after he joined the company on October 20, the correct calculation of the unpaid leave should be:

1) Basic / 30 days X 2 days unpaid leave OR
2) Basic / 26 days X 2 days unpaid leave

If the company adopts a rate of pay base on 26 days, is this correct?
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KL Siew
10/11/2009 20:25:02
For October, it should be (salary/31) x 2
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23/11/2009 22:54:22
in this case, my company calculation is wrong. my salary is 2k/month.
i start working on the 10th Aug 2009. my boss deduct rm600 for unpaid leave from my Aug salary. so what should i do ?
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