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10/11/2009 16:38:50
Re: saturday's half day

Lets say a company's work week is from Monday to Friday (8 hours per day) and on Saturday is half working day (4 hours or 4.5 or 5 hours until 1pm):

a) Employment Act its said "... if any such holiday falls on a half working day, the ordinary rate of pay payable shall be that of a full working day" Do it means the half day is counted as full working day, and in other words the employer required to gives full holiday pay for that day?

b) If employee take annual leave, sick leave, unpaid leave, maternity leave etc on that half day, do it means they are actually taking full day leave as well?

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KL Siew
10/11/2009 17:45:32
1. I think so if the employee is required to work on that half day. Otherwise, it will be a holiday for him.

2. Some employers do allow annual leave or no pay leave taken on that day as half day. But most employers are treating it as full day. It cannot be for sick leave or maternity leave, it should be treated as a full day. I think doctors are not likely to give half day's sick leave.
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11/11/2009 09:50:32
If company official working hours per week is 44 hours, the rule of OT applies if employee work more than 30 minutes on saturday or any other days and not based on the 48 hours limit per week right?
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09/06/2016 13:23:36
我想问如果一个新人才做两个月拿MC有letter可以的吗?OT 是从半个小时开始算还是一个小时呢?
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