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09/11/2009 17:10:16
Re: OT Rate after 12am


Understand that the OT rate remain at 1.5x for mid night work (12am onwards) if the next day is a normal working day for the staff.

So, is the OT rate at 2.0x for mid night work if the next day will be his Off Day / Annual Leave / Medical Leave?

Appreciate for your advice. Thanks.
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KL Siew
09/11/2009 17:48:54
It will still be 1.5x. There will not be two rates. Those OT hours are just an extension of the hours of work of the previous day. You may consult the Labour Department if necessary.
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10/11/2009 08:55:28
Thanks a lot.
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29/06/2010 10:21:29
The OT rate of 1.5x included if the employee work (mid night frm 12am onward) on public holidays?
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