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06/02/2009 15:37:44
Re: company cease operation

I would like to know whether if a company intend to cease operation,

1) giving 1 mth notice as spelt in letter offer (which LO accepted by employee during employment)

2) request employee to clear their leave balance against notice given, eg. compulsory leave.

3) Can company termination make through company Annoucement instead deliver letter to each employee.?
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KL Siew
06/02/2009 15:58:50
You better get familiar with Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits) Regulations by going to

You have to give each employees a letter of termination with the following details::

1. Notice or salary in lieu notice

2. Tell them to clear all balance of leave or payment in lieu

3. The detailed termination benefits they will get

Consult the Labour Department if there is anything you are not sure.
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