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06/11/2009 15:34:51
Re: Retrenchment

I have met with a serious car accident and injured on early of June 2009.Doctor advise me to rest at home as my hand is broken and is not able to perform my job. My first MC from doctor is valid until 22/07/2009.My company has sent me a letter of termination to me on 13/07/2009.They stated that due to they have lost the distributorship of a product,so they would like to close the division and have to terminate my service. May i know whether my company can terminate me while i'm in MC? And another issue is, until today i still in medical leave as my eyes have side effect after the great impact in the accident. Can i file to labour office about my case? Thanks. in advance.
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KL Siew
06/11/2009 16:27:01
You mean you have not taken any action to bring the matter up with the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department after your service was terminated on 13/7/09? It looks like it is a bit too late now to complain to the IR Department. Anyway, you still can consult those departments see anything can be done.
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09/11/2009 16:22:46
I haven't do so as i still not yet fully recover.Thanks for your advise.
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