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Confused girl
06/11/2009 10:31:15
Re: Unpaid Leave include sat & sun


One staff taken UNPAID LEAVE from 6/11/09 (fri) to 18/11/09(Wed).
What he does, he aply on 6/11/09(fri) = 1 day, 9/11/09(mon) to 13/11/09(fri) = 5 days & 16/11/09(mon) to 18/11/09(wed)=3 days. So, total is 9 days. What i understand, if UNPAID LEAVE, he must apply 6/11/09 to 18/11/09 = 13 days (includes sat & sun). So, his salary will not be paid for 13 days and not 9 days. Sir please justify, need comfirmation.

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KL Siew
06/11/2009 14:32:56
In my opinion, if the staff had applied for the days of unpaid leave with the dates specified and the leave had been approved, the unpaid leave should apply to the specified dates only. If say, he applied for a month's no-pay leave, then all rest days, public holidays in that month would be included.
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