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05/11/2009 18:01:54
Re: leave type

is it business trip and training must be fill up leave form?
if not necessary, how can i update attendance accordingly?
pls advise, TQ!
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KL Siew
05/11/2009 19:28:45
Just state it as "on business trip" or "training" will do. To say they are on leave is definitely not appropriate.
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06/08/2010 14:07:17
i work with same company about 3 year plus. After first year my company give 8 days..Annual leave..Then now he change of management said that i need to start my offer again . And my annual leave no more already. At first year i dindt receive any letter offer...but now i received letter appointment said that i need to start agian.Need to wait 3 months for confirmation. Got such thing or not?
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