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04/11/2009 11:00:30
Re: employmment contract.

Just want to check. An employment contract is prepared with annual leave entitlement as

> 2 years = 12 days
< 2 year > 4 years = 14 days
> 4 years and above = 18 days

When the employee resigns let say: Date of join: 13/7/07 Date resign is 1/11/2009. Can we prorate his annual leave to his last date.
He says we need to pay his full entitlement of 14 days as he has check with the labour dept and they advise that since in the letter of appointment we did not state that annual leave is prorated then we have to pay him full. Please advise
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04/11/2009 17:16:48
If employee earns more than RM3000 per month.
We are not suppose to follow 60
Re: EA 60E (1)

If an employee earns more than RM3000 per month. Can we follow this act.
Please advice

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