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05/01/2009 22:26:17
Re: OT pay on Rest Day and Off Day

Good Evening.
I would like to know more details about overtime pay for rest day and off day.

If an employee work on off day employer needs to pay 1.5 times of Ordinary rate of pay.

However, overtime during rest day will be paid under 2 criterias:-
1) below 4 hrs will be paid 2 times of Ordinary pay. For e.g 3hrs OT performed will be paid 2 times from his O.R.P. or
If they work 4 hrs of rest day, is it we will only pay half of his ordinary pay?
( for e.g O.R.P is RM50 per day, then we only pay RM25 for the hrs OT performed)

2) More than 4 hrs we just only pay according to his O.R.P and not 1.5 times of O.R.P or 2 times. If they work 5 hrs we only pay only at their O.R.P which RM50 for these 5 hrs performed.

Please advise .

Thank you.
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KL Siew
06/01/2009 08:40:29
Your methods of paying overtime look quite complicating to me. You can of course use your methods as long as the overtime wages calculated using your methods are not less than the amounts calculated in accordance with the provisions of the EA.
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