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03/11/2009 17:10:08
Re: MC's deduct from AL's


Is it stated in the employment law that if an employee is on MC, he requests that the MC to be deducted from his AL. Is this possible? As per my understanding, if an employee is on EL, then only we will convert it to AL's or take it as Unpaid Leave. But if an employee is on MC's he needs to use the MC's quotation that has been given and not change it to AL, and if all the MC's have been utilized, then it will be regarded as Unpaid leave. Am i on the right path here?
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KL Siew
03/11/2009 20:37:56
To me, only when the mc entitlement has been exhausted, the staff will have to use his annual leave if any. If he has no more annual leave, then it will be no pay leave.
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04/11/2009 14:30:10
is it stated in the employment law that they're able to use AL if MC's are exhausted? or this is only up to the company discretion?
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