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Karen SM
03/11/2009 15:26:55
Re: Employment of "Young Person"

Re: Employment of "Young People"

As per FION question, I need to confirm whether I am allowed to hire a youth of 14 years of age and above for a part-time job as a promoter as per the mentioned criteria by KL Siew.

Please help!
Karen SM
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KL Siew
03/11/2009 17:01:56
A "young person" is not one as you said "..14 years of age and above..". It is 14 years of age but below 16 years of age. It is not that you are not allowed to hire them but the working hours are a bit different as mentioned in FION's query.
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Karen SM
04/11/2009 10:19:11
Thank you.
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