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02/11/2009 09:23:30
Re: Replacement Leave

I would like to get some clarification with regards to replacement leave.
I work in a hospitality industry and ineveitably we have to work on Sunday which is my off day. Each time when we put in our replacement leave on the next Monday, the management start making nasty comment to HR that our replacemnt MUST be forwarded to a Saturday which is a half day work. The Mgt argued that weekdays should be more productive. But while we have work continually for seven days in a week we get tired and should we wait till the next Saturday of the week, we would have work continually for 12 day without rest. I would like to know how strong are us as employee to stay steadfast and not let MGT take advantages of making us work for full day with a half day replacement. Can this issue be brought up to the Labour Dept. to complain on abuse and misuse by exploitation of staff working time
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KL Siew
02/11/2009 11:40:06
Under the Employment Act, an employee who is required to working on rest days shall be paid. Replacement is only an internal arrangement. You may of course bring the matter up with the Labour Department if the parties cannot reach an agreeable arrangement
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