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30/10/2009 22:40:16
Re: Annual Leave Entitlement


I've just joined a new co on 5 Jan 2009. My employment letter states that I'm entitled to 21 days of annual leave pa. Today I received a memo from HR stating that my annual leave for this year is 20 days only instead of 21 days. The HR person told me that because I start work on 5 Jan, so for 2009, they consider that I work only for 11.5 months. Therefore my annual leave = 21*11.5/12 = 20 days. I argued and said that for Jan I had worked for more than 1/2 month, but the HR person said this is company's policy. Is there anything that I can do?
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KL Siew
31/10/2009 09:02:56
You should be happy when they calculated your leave to the nearest half month. Under the Employment Act, it is for completed month which means, the calculation should be based on 11 and not 11.5.
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