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28/10/2009 10:59:20
Re: Staff accident


My staff was recently involved in an accident on the way to work.

He is currently being hospitalised and will probably be another 3 mths before he can come back to work.

1. I understand i have to pay him 60 days of salary while he is being hospitalised.

2. He was involved in an accident while on a bike without a road tax and his salary is above RM 3000. I have told him to claim SOCSO but he can't make a police report due to the illegality of not having a road tax.

As an employer, am I still liable to pay his medical fees as he falls under a SOCSO case but due to his own fault , he can't make any claims ?

Need your advice.
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KL Siew
29/10/2009 15:48:28
Why so scared to make a police report. The most is to pay a fine. If the injuries are serious, the SOCSO claims will be much more.

Furthermore, since his salary is above RM3000, he is not covered by the EA and the employer may not even want to pay the 60 days hospitalisation. I think he has no choice but to report to police.
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05/08/2012 11:30:02

May I know if a previously working person who had contributed to SOCSO is now a director and earning RM10K and above. Does he/she have to contribute to Socso?

Thank you.
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