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28/10/2009 09:15:13
Re: Annual Leave Entitlement

Annual leave is base on the join date or confirmation date ?
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KL Siew
29/10/2009 15:30:00
It is from the date of joining.
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30/10/2009 15:04:47
If an employee has tended his resignation how does the annual leave entitlement is calculated.
Lets say his date join is 13/7/07 and he last working day is 1/12/2009
His annual leave entitlement:
< 2 years 12 days
> 2 years = 14 days
He has taken his entitlement for the 2 years.
What is the entitlement. Do we pay the full 14 days entitlement or do we prorate it to his last day.
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Onn Geck Sim
09/11/2009 10:12:27
Is there any special leave entitlement for executive group?
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