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28/10/2009 01:08:10
Re: 24hr resign

Dear sir/mm
i was ordered to b transferred to another centre branch just because my current boss cannot get along well with me..
no discussion were made for the transfer and i was like being forced.i cannot object/ refuse the order.
now because i refused to b transferred,i am giving a 24hours notice of resignation instead of serving the 3months notice of resignation.
is there any rights for me ..if i decide to take any legal actions to my boss and the company
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KL Siew
28/10/2009 08:02:52
I can only advise you to pay a visit to the Industrial Relations Department and discuss your problems with one of the officers. They may be able to give you clearer info.
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30/10/2009 23:40:50
i had spoken to IRD as advised by you..she said when i tender my resignation the heading of my letter should be..Force Resignation.wht should i state in the it the same as normal resign letter
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