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06/02/2009 00:22:28
Re: Company discriminate an is prejudice to its employee

I am writing this on behalf of my colleagues.

In early 2008, the company that I had worked with, was divested (sales of business) to a new company. After the take over, much of the business of the company was lost due to inexperience management. The company basically setup a new team to run the company. The old management team (including me) was assigned sales jobs. In the new organisation, we are basically cold storaged, no job description, no targets and no direction from the management. We are shunt from every meeting.

And now the company has no income and the management is trying to offload the old management team. The company creates a number of rules targeted at us, like we are required to stay in office from 8 to 5 and conduct sales from our desk. The company would go at length to ensure that we stayed in the office by placing cameras and fingerprint access (isn't this 'mala fide'). We felt that the company is trying to harrass us into resigning. Most of us earn a 5 figure salary and the company wants to reduce this cost (they should have thought about this when they acquire the company). We are aware of the company tactics and at the moment we are playing by their rules.

We wanted to go to IR for constructive dismissal but was adviced that it is already almost a year since the take over, we 'so to speak' accepted the condition of service. Can you shade some light on how do we response in the most amicable manner. Secondly can you direct me where can I refer to, I think the company practices racial discrimination.
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KL Siew
06/02/2009 09:44:35
Since you were inquiring about constructive dismissal, I presume you are trying to find a way to leave the company. Since you also knew the tactics of the company and you also wanted to do it in the most amicable manner, why not go and negotiate with them for a package so that you people can part amicably? The IR Department may be able to help out in this area.

I think it is no point in pursuing the racial discrimination matter. It is hard to prove and I don't know where you should go to make a complaint.
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