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26/10/2009 15:57:53
Re: Employment of 'Young Person'


I would like to enquire the following:-

1. The term 'young person' refers to a person of 14 and above but below 16 years of age. Meaning to say we can hire a staff who is 16 years old under permanent basis?

2. Understand that they are permitted to work for not more than 4 consecutive hours with a rest of 30 mins per day. IF we need them to work for 8 hours a day, is it meaning to say they must have 1 hour of break time?? OR they are only allowed to work for 4 hours per day?

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanks a lot.

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KL Siew
26/10/2009 17:29:33
1. Yes
2. Every 4 consecutive hours, there must be a break of at least 30 minutes and not more than 7 hours per day. They are also not allowed to work after 8.00 pm.
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27/10/2009 16:10:39
thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
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Karen SM
03/11/2009 15:23:26
Re: Employment of "Young People"

As per FION question, I need to confirm whether I am allowed to hire a youth of 14 years of age and above for a part-time job as a promoter as per the mentioned criteria by KL Siew.

Please help!
Karen SM
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