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23/10/2009 19:50:41
Re: probabtion termination

Dear Sir,

My company MD is crazy and used to sack the probation staffs without any solid and good reason. so long he's not happy to see the staffs and he will tell the staff that he's not going to confirm her/him and asked her to leave immediate but pay her/him in lieu notice. Under this scenario, could labor courts do anything on behalf the satffs as the numbers of staff being sacked are increasing?
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KL Siew
23/10/2009 20:12:43
If the staff is not happy with the arbitrary sacking, he can go to the Industrial Relations Department and make a claim for reinstatement.
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30/10/2009 17:58:50
Wat would the Indusrial Relation Department do ? What will be the compensation ? Thank you for the advice in advance!!
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