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21/10/2009 16:00:35
Re: Is annual leave payable in salary?

I have tendered my resignation following my employment contract with one week notice period effective 21st Oct 2009 and notice served ending 27th Oct 2009.

However, the company issue me a letter of acceptance stating I can leave on 21st Oct 2009 as I have 5 days annual leave (I am still in my probation period due end of Nov 2009).

1. Is these 5 days payable in my salary?

2. Does it mean that in the month of October, my salary payable is 1st Oct 2009 to 27th Oct 2009?

3. If they do not pay according to the contract / notice, what can I do?

4. Now - Today the company change their mind and requested me to stay until 27th Oct 2009, do I listen to them and serve notice or I can follow the letter they stated my last day is 21st Oct 2009?
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KL Siew
21/10/2009 17:11:30
1. Since they allow to take the 5 days leave, there will be no other payment. you only leave 5 days earlier.
2. Yes they should pay you up to 27/10.
3. Complain to the Labour Department.
4. Since you have got a letter stating can leave on 21/10, I think you better follow what is stated in that letter. The final decision is still yours.
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