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21/10/2009 15:50:56
Re: Warning letter given during probation period

Is the company allowed to issue letter of warning / letter of reminder on low performance and various issues on the employee before probation period due and without appraisal and consultation to the employee?
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KL Siew
21/10/2009 16:59:54
There is no law to say they cannot do that.
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13/01/2012 15:22:56
What if the employer attempt to frame the employee.

I.E - I have tendered my resignation and the employer had a discussion with me to leave the company since i'm no use for the company. I said OKAY, BUT, he has to pay me out (according to contract) in lieu of ONE month. I'm in my second week now, which means he has to pay me a full month when if ask me to leave immediately. He then considered and asked me to stay since he doesn't want to pay me for free and i agreed to stayed the 2 weeks. Immediately after, he issued me TWO warning letters which are irrelevant and i've already submitted all the facts to void the letter. Can he fire me after intentionally serving me the warning letter without paying?
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