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david bikam
20/10/2009 02:02:10
Re: Tender resignation but chased out from office


Today I saw an incident at my office. Colleague of mine tender her resignation letter - two weeks notice and follow to the company policy. However the MD yells abusive words at her and chased her out from office immediately. Later she told me that MD said will only pays for previous two weeks, no payment in lieu to her even thou MD is the one who request for immediate termination which contradict with the employment contract. FYI no black and white from MD, except resignation letter from my colleague. The whole incident was witnessed by other employees.

So for this case is it a breach of contract by employer?

She don't want to work there anymore after the incident but can she get the half month salary in lieu?

Can she sue for being humiliated publicly?

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KL Siew
20/10/2009 08:31:32
Advise her to make a claim for the two weeks' salary as indemnity in lieu of notice. Never mind about suing. Let her forget about the incident and the company and go on with her new job if there is one.
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