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19/10/2009 13:12:53
Re: Extra work without OT

My offer letter stated that 'company may require employee to work outside of his offical working hours, off/rest day or public holiday. However because this is an executive position no payment will be paid'.
My official hours is from 8AM to 5.30PM.

I already tender my resignation with one month notice effective 12 Oct. Problem is my boss still ask me to stay back until 9-10PM (no pay of course) even though he knew I'll be leaving the company soon.
The question is if I refuse to stay back, go home as per my official working hours can he take it as a breach of contract and use this reason to withheld my last month salary (or to create any other kind of problem)?
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KL Siew
19/10/2009 14:19:27
Since you have contracted to do it, I think it is better if you fulfilled your part of the of it and asked to be paid. If he refuses to pay, then you may have a reason to refuse to stay back. Anyway, I leave it to your better judgment how to handle the situation as you may not want to have unnecessary problems before you go.
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