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11/10/2009 22:19:36
Re: Salary being hold. Urgent !

Anyone can help me to solve my problems. I'm already resigned from previous with fulfil their notice requirement. Now the company hold my salary, leave & claim payment. Their motivate want me to back again for handover once again till they satisfield only will pay. I feel very unsatisfield with their request, cos all I already handover on my last day of service.BTW they send me 2 reminders letter request me to call back & arrange to go back. But it is impossible for me to go back cos I already joined new company & very busy with the works there. I'm very angry with their ways & I went to file a complaints. I would like to know a few questions : -

Does my chances to get back my pay higher or not ?

Should I call back to them?

Any law issues I need to bear ? ( 2 Reminders )
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KL Siew
12/10/2009 09:54:41
If you really have no other ways to solve the problem, you will have to complain to the Labour Department and make a claim for the unpaid salary etc.
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