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05/02/2009 13:03:48
Re: Queries on EPF

When i refer to KWSP Act 1991 under " Orang yang diwajibkan mencarum adalah seperti berikut.........Pekerja sambilan, sementara, sampingan dan pekerja dalam tempoh percubaan, jika ia dibayar gaji/upah" .......and so on. The company my friend working do not contribute to epf for staff under probation and they include this in their offer letter saying that all benefits and satutory contribution will only start after confirmation. If staff knows abt this and agress and sign the offer letter accepting the offer, can the staff take action by complaining to epf.

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KL Siew
05/02/2009 13:29:04
What is stated in the EPF Act is quite clear isn't it? How can you overwrite the law?
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05/02/2009 17:30:42
Dear Andra,

I would say the company was wrong at the beginning stage. They has no right to state "all benefits and satutory contribution will only start after confirmation".

Yr frd shall sounds it to KWSP.
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05/02/2009 18:03:47
Thanks, that's what i told her to do too.
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