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Lin Lin
09/10/2009 12:24:25
Re: Foreign Worker

I am a foreigner work as massage therapist with proper working visa. I have few question and would appreciate if fellow Malaysian can enlighten me.

1) Can the employer with-hold my passport?
2) Can the employer with-hold my first month salary as security?
3) Can my employer impose fine and deduct our salary with rules that set by himself? For example, we are only allow to go out for 2 hours after working hour. If we came back late, we will get fined RM500. Is this legitimate?
4) Can the employer refrain us from going out after working hour?
5) As I know the salary should be paid not more than 7 days after the cut off. Can we file a complaint for the delay in payment?
6) The contract we signed with the agent said that we are either get basic salary or half share of the monthly revenue we bring in. However, the employer had changed it to 60% to him, 40% to us without our consent. Can we file a complaint?
7) Can we get back all the short paid all this while?

Thank you for your help.
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KL Siew
09/10/2009 14:07:23
You are having lots of problems indeed. Complain to your recruitment agents first. If the problems are not solved, you may have to bring the matter up with local Labour Department.
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Lin Lin
09/10/2009 14:27:03
Please advise if my case is cover under EA of Malaysia?
We do not have basic pay, so don't know whether it is under EA?
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KL Siew
09/10/2009 16:17:26
If you earn more than RM1500, you are not covered. Anyway, bring along a copy of the contract and consult them. Alternatively, you may contact your embassy see whether they can help you in any way.
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23/10/2009 21:51:02
My ex-colleagues who are legal foreign workers( they are from Myanmar) in Malaysia had their salary deducted. The reason for the deduction is for the advance payments that the company made for the extension of their passport. Is the deduction of RM1800 valid? My ex-colleagues are leaving on next Wednesday. The deductions have been made since 6 months ago but for this month, the company deducted RM800, leaving only less than RM100 for my ex-colleagues. The ex-HR manager had said that the company will bear the cost of the passport renewal. After a change of manager, the company went against their word. Unfortunately, my ex-colleagues have thrown away their contract of service.
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